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Visceral Games and Electronic Arts released the full launch trailer for the upcoming first-person shooter, Battlefield Hardline. The trailer is just over two full minutes of explosions, gunfire and more explosions. Check it out below.

The video mixes and matches the gameplay from both the single and multiplayer modes, giving players a mixing bowl of content for what they can expect out of the upcoming AAA shooter.

A strong part of the promo package is on the cops versus robbers antics, as well as the high-speed chases that come along with it.

Speaking of high-speed chases... EA and Visceral have been intent on promoting Battlefield Hardline as the fastest Battlefield yet. A lot of this comes from the premier multiplayer mode: Hotwire.

The objective is pretty straightforward, with criminals tasked with getting to the location of designated cars and then racing them to a separate location before the cops can stop them. Sometimes it includes picking up items along the way or destroying certain other vehicles. The mod is almost identical to the hotwire quests in APB: Reloaded or the car delivery side-quests in Grand Theft Auto. Very much like APB there will be opposing players on the cops' side to thwart criminals, but like Grand Theft Auto players will have aerial support at their disposal as well.

Battlefield Hardline launches at an almost inopportune time considering that Rockstar just recently dropped the highly anticipated online multiplayer heists for GTA V. The mode has been two years in the waiting.

Gamers will now have to either get in all their kicks in GTA V before next week, or stave off from purchasing the title (if they haven't already) to pick up Battlefield Hardline. Either way Visceral Games is facing some stiff competition from a revitalized and reorganized GTA V.

To the credit of Battlefield Hardline the game has received a lot of generally positive feedback from the latest beta test, giving gamers a far more positive outlook on the game compared to the first beta test that took place back in the summer of 2014, which resulted in a lot of grumbling and anger.

After addressing the complaints that the game felt too much like a re-skin of Battlefield 4 with barely enough content to justify the $60 price tag, Visceral and EA went back to the drawing board to work on the game's pace, content and gameplay feeling so it seemed a bit more original than Battlefield 4. Of course, it's still sharing the same resolution and frame-rate specs as the previous outing, with the PS4 running the game at 900p and the Xbox One running the game at 720p, but otherwise the developers have worked hard to help hew an original identity for the title.

You can look for the physical and digital copies for Battlefield Hardline to drop next week on March 17th, 2015. For more info feel free to pay a visit to the official website.
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