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Battlefield: Hardline Weapons Changing Due To Beta

Visceral Games is changing Battlefield: Hardline based on gamers' opinions on the beta test. General manager Steve Papoutsis revealed some of these alterations in a new interview.

"The first one is something the community asked for, and that’s having faction-specific weapons," Papoutsis told VG247. "In the beta everyone used all the same weapons. We wondered if people would like it if they were invested in their P90, but when they were on the other faction they couldn’t use it?"

Hardline now follows the tradition of previous Battlefield games in restricting certain weapons to one side or another. Papoutsis admitted that it was an easy fix, though they were surprised fans clamored for it.

Explosives and heavy weapons are being changed as well. They're an important part of the game's combat, as they allow players to take down vehicles. However, allowing players to simply walk into battle with heavy armaments created some problems.

"We wanted to include RPGs and mines – and we did – but people felt that it took them out of the fiction a little bit; that you could just load up a character and equip an RPG. So that wasn’t an easy thing to get rid of because it’s part of the balance."

They've decided to take new approaches to these weapons as a result. Now certain items will be loaded with your vehicle instead of your character. This allows you to then pull, say, a rocket launcher out of your car's trunk and use it in battle. Alternately, an enemy could steal your trunk and get the weapon.

The fight for heavy weapons will be an important objective in some matches, too.

"Some of the modes, like in Hotwire, the RPG cache is one of the objectives. If you control that cache your team has access to the RPG."

Papoutsis mentioned some smaller changes as well. Bullet flinching has been dialed back. Also, players will be able to get heals from a medic automatically by running up to them and hitting the action button.

Battlefield Hardline's beta was held on multiple platforms this summer. A month after the test, Visceral Games announced that they were pushing the game's release from Fall 2014 to early 2015. They said that the decision was driven by a desire to further evolve "the cops and criminals fantasy" of the multiplayer and also enhance the campaign.

"In order to ensure our Single Player experience delivers on player expectations, we’re spending more time polishing our core features, as well as adding a few new ones that will support a deeper “crime revenge” story experience," Troedsson said.

We'll be able to see some these changes in action before the game's launch. Visceral plans to hold a second beta about a month prior to the official release. The studio hasn't announced any firm dates yet, though.

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