Electronic Arts announced that they’re officially onboard this whole free-to-play thing and they want to keep it going for years to come. The next game in the line-up of new free-to-play titles coming out of EA’s publishing house is a follow-up to Battlefield Heroes, only this time it’s a more realistic and gritty game called Battlefield Play4Free.

Using photorealistic models and textures, the game will take what everyone loved about Battlefield Heroes and expand on the platform of sandbox gameplay with up to 32 players on teams of 16, doing battle with vehicles and utilizing lots of teamwork and cooperative play to secure a victory for the home team.

James Salt, Senior Producer, Battlefield Play4Free commented in the press release about the game, saying…
“We broke new ground in 2009 with the launch of Battlefield Heroes; a game that has 6M registered players worldwide. Now we are complementing that arcade shooter with a core, realistic Battlefield shooter experience that fans have been clamouring for,” ... “Battlefield Play4Free is for serious shooter fans who are looking for a premium – but free – experience that rivals top console titles.”

The game will combine maps and elements from Battlefield 2 (which is still my favorite next to BF: Vietnam) and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The game sounds like it could easily become an addictive online shooter.

To learn more about Battlefield Play4Free be sure to visit the Official Website.

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