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A new teaser image has appeared for the high-end AAA engine from Crytek, the CryEngine 3. The image is actually a brief look at a small collection of crashes, in which studio BeamNG labels it as the most realistic simulated crashes ever.

The images come courtesy of DSO Gaming, one of the rare sites on the net that covers some of the most interesting gaming information and design news that you don't usually encounter at most other sites.

Some of you might remember this prototype test from the CryEngine 3 with a brief teaser video from a while back. The video was a look at how soft-body deformation can be used in gaming running at a very, very impressive 100 frames per second. It would be so cool to see this kind of thing utilized in an open-world game like GTA (although it can't be used in GTA because that's running on Rockstar's Rage Engine).

If you think this is just for high-end game studios, think again. This is not about game development elitism. This soft-body deformation is in the process of being made into an open-source SDK to work with any version of the CryEngine, including Crytek's free SDK, which is available for amateur and pro game developers alike.

You can check out the new teaser images below or visit the Official Website to learn more about the advancement in soft body deformation and physics effects.

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