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Best PS4 Ads Released So Far

You know, all this corporate mud-slinging propaganda between Microsoft and Sony with the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has left gamers in a deep pit of ad warfare. For the most part, Sony has just gone over and beyond with some of the most inventive and worthwhile ads and it's time to check out a few of them before they're swallowed up whole in the all encompassing, visceral vacuum of the digital internet culture.

The ads for the PlayStation 4, so far, have been phenomenal in regards to using the Xbox One's biggest faults against itself. With a lot of simple texts, a few simple videos (that have gone viral) and an E3 press conference that rocked the gaming community, it's almost next-to-nigh impossible for Sony to mess up at this point. The PlayStation 4 has basically sold itself on the blunders of Microsoft.

However, this isn't about plastering any unwarranted hate on Microsoft; they've done enough hate-spreading not to need any help with it.

The PlayStation, already having sold out at Amazon, sporting region free-gaming, having barred Online Passes, and supporting true free-to-play gaming without requring a subscription fee or having any disc-based DRM is sitting pretty to win the next-gen right out the gate.

So, below and on the subsequent pages (to keep down on clutter) we've got the top PS4 propaganda ads floating around out there that accentuate the system's best and brightest features courtesy of Level Save and NeoGaf. Enjoy.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.