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A lot of people probably thought Fallout 4 was going to be one of those games that make an appearance at E3 during Bethesda's stage conference and then it just disappears. Well, wrong. The game will be featured throughout all of E3 for the entire week.

Game Informer has a very detailed list of Bethesda's plans for E3, featuring day-to-day activities including a lot of interviews and talks with various key team members from the development team to discuss various AAA games that Bethesda will have on display at the event, including Fallout 4.

Following an obvious introduction to the game on Sunday, June 14th, Bethesda will roll out details on Fallout 4 at E3 with an interview on Tuesday, June 16th, with the game director Todd Howard. This will take place at 2:30pm PST following a look at Doom, the rebooted and revitalized first-person shooter for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC, which will take place at 1pm and feature id Software's executive producer Marty Stratton and art director Hugo Martin.

Unfortunately we don't know exactly what sort of details they're going to drop during the interview with Todd Howard while discussing Fallout 4. It really could be anything, or likely a follow-up on some of the details from the pre-E3 trailer, which left many gamers with five big questions about the game.

If the interview with Howard isn't enough, gamers will be treated to a roundtable panel discussion with Todd Howard, the lead designer Emil Pagliarulo, lead artist Istvan Pely and the lead producer, Jeff Gardiner. The panel discussion will take place at 1:00pm PST on Wednesday, June 17th, following a roundtable discussion for Doom. The Fallout 4 stuff on Wednesday will also be jammed in between another game we haven't heard much about called Battlecry. The panel discussion for that game will take place at 4:00pm in the late afternoon.

Bethesda will round out their ventures at E3 on Thursday, June 18th, where another interview with Marty Stratton will take place with the Doom community. There will be some more stuff on Battlecry and Pete Hines, the vice president of PR and marketing, will recap and round out Bethesda's E3 while giving gamers and attendees an idea of what the future will hold.

If all of this sounds like information overload, you're not alone. A ton of gamers were drop-dead excited about this news until they were hit with an unquestionable truth-bomb: Bethesda confirmed to Game Informer that none of the panel discussions will be live-streamed.

Right, so if you're not lucky enough to show up in person and get a taste of the eighth-gen goodness that Bethesda and company have planned for the home consoles and PC, you're just fresh out of luck on getting in on some of the nitty, gritty details. Well, then again that's what the gaming media is there for and they'll likely roll out everything you need to know coming out of the discussions.
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