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Bethesa Play Test Lab

Bethesda is looking for a few good gamers to test their upcoming games. They're opening up a Bethesda Play Test Lab in Texas this month and they need a few bodies to fill it.

They're not giving out actual jobs, mind you. The testers they choose won't be paid. However, they will be able to play an hour or two of an upcoming game. Bethesda says that testers may receive free games or other swag in exchange for their efforts.

In order to test for Bethesda, you'll need to 18 years or older. You can't be a video game journalist or employed by a game publisher or developer. All testers will have to sign a non-disclosure agreement promising that they won't blab about their experiences to the world. Currently Bethesda is only looking for gamers in the US, but they're looking for a diverse range of skill levels. It's up to you to arrange your own transportation to the testing lab.

The Bethesda Play Test Lab will be located in Dallas. It'll be in the same office as id Software, now a subsidiary of Bethesda. I'd say that means you'll get to test Doom 4, but who knows when that'll ever be completed.

If you're interested in signing up for the testing, you can register here.