BigPoint Software has been on a hiring spree lately. In the last 18 months the company has picked up a total of four international gaming studios across the industry. 49Games consists of 40 full-time employees and they are currently working on a project a high-profile project, to which BigPoint says that the project will be completed and released.

Heiko Hubertz, CEO and founder of Bigpoint commented in the press release about the acquisition, saying…
“The team at 49Games is one of the best development teams in the console sports-games industry. We’re very excited to add them to the Bigpoint team for our online games,”... “Together with our development team, we’re going to continue our mission to deliver our users top-quality gaming fun.”

49Games will no longer work on sports titles and whatever else they do, instead the team will now join BigPoint in working with online titles as well as developing MMOs for a global audience.

Jan-Hendrik Ohl, CEO of 49Games GmbH had some positive words to share about the buyout, saying…
“I’m very pleased with Bigpoint’s acquisition of our development team and I’m confident that the team will deliver fantastic 3D MMOs for the quickly growing international online company,”

49Games GmbH has worked on more than 18 different multiplatform games since 2004 for systems such as the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC. You can learn more about BigPoint and 49Games by visiting the Official Website.

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