It's been months since 2K announced that the PC version of BioShock 2 would be receiving the single-player DLC released for consoles. They're not ready to release it just yet but they're getting there.

"As of today, we’re tracking to submit the Protector Trials to certification at the end of January," said community manager Elizabeth Tobey on the 2K Forums. "Minerva’s Den has some more work to be done on it still and is tracking to submit to certification in the beginning of March. I’ll let you guys know when we do submit but our release date will change depending on how that process goes (which is why I don’t have a firm release date for you guys yet.)"

2K is also preparing a patch to fix some lingering issues with the PC version. The full notes aren't available yet but Tobey says that it will fix mouse sensitivity issues and several vertical sync option bugs.

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