BioShock 2 adds, among other things, a bunch of new plasmids for you to play around with. Today 2K revealed a new one called the Scout.

"Scout is a brand new Plasmid for Bioshock 2. It essentially allows you to 'leave your body' and walk the halls of Rapture as an invisible 'Scout,'" said 2K Marin's Zak McClendon in a Cult of Rapture Q&A. "Splicers can’t see or hear you, but you still have access to your full set of equipped Plasmids."

McClendon said that the Scout plasmid accomodate splayers with a more cautious playstyle. "Scout was added to the game for these guys and gals. The ones who like to get the lay of the land and formulate an ruthlessly efficient plan of attack before exposing themselves to danger. That’s why we also allow you to use Plasmids while Scouting and, if you upgrade it enough, even hack turrets and security cameras in complete safety."

2K also released a Sinclair Solutions video that introduces the Scout. Looks like the brief tutorial that'll play once you first get your hands on this plasmid in-game.

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