Irrational Games has released a new trailer for BioShock Infinite that talks about the backstory of Columbia, the game's setting. The trailer is presented like a 1980's style documentary that you would watch - or pretend to watch - in a high school history class. Its title: Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus?

Columbia is a sky-city built in the last years of the 19th century. It was formally unveiled in 1893 at the The World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The city was the brainchild of Zachary Comstock, who worshiped the United States' Founding Fathers as though they were deities.

For many years Columbia was the pride of America. However, that all changed in 1901 when the floating city violently suppressed the Boxer Rebellion in China. The U.S. government demanded that the city return to American soil, but instead Columbia seceded from the Union and disappeared.

The city vanished from the public eye until the 1980's, when a large chunk of the city was found in the French Alps. What happened to the rest of the city? How did its inhabitants fare. These fake documentarians are on the case!

I really love the retro style of this trailer and hope they make a miniseries out of it. Fingers crossed.

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