Even though BioShock Infinite isn't due out until this fall for home consoles and PC, Irrational Games has been seeping out new information and media for the first-person shooter on a regular basis. The latest bit of media is a brief trailer for the ghostly apparition known as The Siren.

The trailer is a brief bit of a multi-part series that covers the heavy hitters of BioShock Infinite, mainly detailing the sub-bosses, bosses and unique baddies that are bound to make you tug at your hair a bit and consider lobbing the controller at the wall.

The game itself will be a combination of the past BioShock games but with the added ability of being able to hop through dimensional gates or use NPC companion, Elizabeth, to help aid during various fire fights and confrontations with her special abilities.

The game was originally set for release this spring but it was pushed back, probably so it wouldn't have to compete with Mass Effect 3, and instead the game will launch a month before the hectic November line-up on October 16th. Pre-orders are available right now or you can learn more by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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