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Today Irrational Games revealed the first of BioShock Infinite's "Heavy Hitters," enemies that will present a harder-than-usual challenge to players. The first enemy previewed is the Motorized Patriot, a historic twist on the traditional "dude with a chaingun" foe in shooters.

The Motorized Patriot is a robot that closely resembles George Washington. If the porcelain face isn't creepy enough, note that he's also got two enormous American flags coming out of his ass. Also, he's wielding a heavy weapon known as a pepper-mill. It looks like an antique Gatling gun.

Being an robot, the Patriot doesn't react as other enemies do. He doesn't hide behind cover. He'll just come right after you without fear. Fortunately, he looks a bit slow so you could probably take him down with a hit-and-run strategy. Once you do finish him off, you'll be able to take his weapon.

Infinite will be released in October. Expect more of these "Heavy Hitter" videos in the weeks ahead.

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