Ken Levine has commented on the current status of the PlayStation Vita's version of BioShock. The project is on hold until BioShock Infinite's development approaches its completion stages.

Speaking to Wired, the BioShock creator said the Vita version of the IP is currently on hold due to the development team being predominately focused on BioShock Infinite.

"These games really are all-consuming endeavors. You do want to keep the ball rolling but it is tough to give it your full attention before you finish what you have. But we’re getting there with Infinite. So yeah, we’re not as focused on the Vita game as we will be," he said.

"Sony's been a great partner to work with", continued the veteran, as well as stating the project will be shown off in some capacity in due course. However, being asked to announce the Vita version during E3 before anything was ready to be shown irked Levine.

"I don’t like to go out and just talk. I want to show you something first and then talk about it because it is tough to speak abstractly about things. I don’t want to convince you, I’d much rather have the work convince you. When they asked me to do that and at first I was like, ‘Well, I don’t really have a lot to talk about and the last thing I want to do is go out and make a bunch of promises.’ I tried to really downplay what I was presenting."

"I tried to manage people’s expectations of what the Vita game is going to be. Not because I think they’re going to be bad but because I’d rather not talk like a marketing person. I’d rather say, ‘Here’s the basic thing we’re doing and maybe you’ll check it out," added Levine. "When I’m not ready to hype it, I just don’t talk much about it and that’s why when people ask me about the Vita game, I just say I’m not ready to talk about it because I don’t have anything to show yet."

BioShock Infinite is currently scheduled for a release on October 16th in North America and 19th in Europe.

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