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Despite all the harsh criticisms, fans know and love certain companies for a reason. Just because said company is contracted to do unsavory work doesn't make that company evil it just makes the people who own their souls evil.

Well, Escapist Magazine is running their "Best Game Developer of 2012" March Madness poll and the top two picks has dwindled down to Valve and BioWare. Much like the Consumerist's "Worst Company In America", the top 32 developers in the industry were lined up and faced down in elimination-style voting rounds.

Some of the top picks that made it past the first round included Obsidian, Nintendo, Mojang, Double Fine, Naughty Dog, Relic and Infinity Ward. The voting must have been pretty chaotic because people who made it far up the chain like Infinity Ward and Ubisoft Montreal seem a little out of place given their negative publicity, but I guess the fun factors of Assassin's Creed and Modern Warfare trumps the ill press.

Now, the final round has arrived and gamers are encouraged to vote for their favorite game developer, with the last two standing being BioWare and Valve. It's interesting because Valve has basically spent most of their time giving away free DLC throughout the year and helping a bunch of indie studios get their games glamorized on Steam. Most gamers see Valve as the champions of the gaming community, not folding to the pressures of disc-locked content or always-on DRM.

BioWare on the other hand...well, they're a company with good intentions but being attached to EA has tarnished their image, especially with the Mass Effect 3 fiasco. Nevertheless, fans still have some mad love for BioWare due to the company having such an endearing history, bringing us games like Knights of the Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate.

It's absolutely hilarious because The Consumerist's Worst Company In America poll literally has Electronic Arts in the final four, battling it out right now against AT&T, where-as you have their subordinate, BioWare, battling it out to be the best. I think it's absolutely hysterical in the most cosmically ironic way imaginable.

You can vote for Valve or BioWare right now over at the Escapist, I was compelled to vote for BioWare on their poll just as I was compelled to vote for EA on the Consumerist's poll. I think it sends the message that we like one but not the other.

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