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Nippon Ichi Software has revealed that they're bringing Black Rock Shooter: The Game to North America and Europe. The action RPG, previously released in Japan, will be coming West later this month.

Black Rock Shooter: The Game is inspired by an anime and manga series of the same name. An alien race has invaded Earth and all but wiped out mankind. Only twelve people are left alive. The titular Black Rock Shooter is an raven-haired battle android who must fight off the invaders.

As BRS, players will explore the ruins of Earth and battle aliens. They'll fight foes using a massive cyber-cannon as well as a customizable set of skills. Players will also unlock new weapons and costumes by completing missions.

BRS debuted on the PSP in Japan back in 2011. It's a bit surprising that NIS America would put the effort into porting a two-year-old game, especially one on the PSP. Nonetheless, it's good news for PSP owners looking for new games for their aging handheld.

NIS will release Black Rock Shooter through PSN on April 23rd in the US. Europe will receive the game on the following day.