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Ignition Entertainment is dead-set on getting gamers acquainted with what Blacklight: Tango Down has to offer. So the next logical step for informing gamers about this multiplayer shooter was to release info about the weapon customization feature. Not only has Ignition released new info on the weapon customization but they sent along a few screenshots, too.

According to the press release…
The system revolves around utilizing one of five core weapons receivers --- such as an SMG or Shotgun – as a base and then customizing that base with modified barrels, stocks, and weapons tags to increase the effectiveness of the weapon through increased accuracy, faster running speed, and a decrease in weapon kickback. Gamers are going to have to decide how to modify the weapon and how much as they choose from a staggering 152 million different primary weapon combinations, 157,248 secondary weapon combinations, and 312 character model/camouflage combinations.

The system is extremely similar to the online FPS, Operation 7, in which Park ESM developed the proprietary WMS for players to mix-and-match countless weapon combinations. Nevertheless, I don’t know of any other game out there with 152 million different weapon combinations, because that’s just insane. Heck, I’m convinced that it trumps Gearbox’s weapon matrix in Borderlands.

Gamers can learn more about Zombie Studios’ upcoming shooter, which will feature 12 maps, seven game modes, single-player and co-op modes, and of course the weapon customization mode, by visiting the Official Website.

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