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Bloodborne is due out in just a few short weeks and, to prepare the masses for the game’s unique blend of combat, the folks at From Software have put together a rather meaty video showing off the grisly combat moves you’ll be able to unleash.

The spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series, or at least a cousin of very close relations, Bloodborne is extremely reminiscent of From Software’s early work. The game looks just as dark and brooding as the Souls games, complete with twisted enemies, gothic environments and combat that rewards strategy and utterly punishes impatience.

What primarily sets Bloodborne apart from its predecessors, though, is the combat. From Software has stated a number of times that Bloodborne will offer combat that’s both fast and loose, with players relying almost exclusively on offensive maneuvers and frequent dodges. In the Souls games, it wasn’t uncommon to see a player exploring an entire area at a slow pace with their shield held aloft throughout. In Bloodborne, you’ve got a firearm and a giant collapsible blade as your primary weapons, so don’t expect to be taking cover all that often.

That’s not to say that the game won’t be just as punishing. Everything we’ve so far demonstrates the more frantic combat From Software has touted, but nothing about the footage we’re been treated to thus far would lead us to believe that run-and-gun will be a super viable option. You’ll still need to learn enemy patterns, locations and weaknesses; you’ll just need to press the attack more firmly in order to be successful.

From Software’s latest video tutorial demonstrates all of this in action in the form of a 7.5-minute guide highlighting the basic maneuvers. Running, different types of attacks, what appear to be magical buffs and the like are all on display. You’ll even get to see some of the other weapons at your disposal in the game, including polearms, giant hammers, axes and dual daggers. It looks like carefully timed dodges and counters will also be a big part of the combat, with players encouraged to take advantage of the openings left by their enemies.

It’s hard to believe that Bloodborne is nearly upon us, only just being announced during E3 2014. It’s hitting the PlayStation 4 exclusively, so fans of the Souls series, or just action games in general, might want to mark their calendars for March 24.

And don’t forget to read up on the game’s intriguing multiplayer mode, which lets hunters explore ancient catacombs and slay loads of monsters with a group of friends.