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Some of the biggest talk around the town about From Software's PlayStation 4 exclusive is that the game is hard as nails... or maybe as hard as titanium nails with pointed diamond tips. It's not a game you pick up, play and win the first time around without some kind of prior knowledge about how the game works. So imagine the surprise of many when one gamer managed to beat Bloodborne in only 44 minutes.

You can see the entire speed run from YouTuber Oginam_TV below.

While the video clocks in at 46:50, the actual speed-run is only 44 minutes.

IGN notes that Oginam didn't quite complete Bloodborne cleanly. If this was a UFC fight he would fail the drug testing. Why? Because he used the infinite item storage glitch to boost up his Blood Gems so he could deck out his character with the necessary powerful items and blaze through the game as quickly as possible.

Keeping in mind that there's no limits or restrictions on traversing through the game so long as you're good enough to get through the segments. If you deck out your gear early on in the game the only thing you have to do is survive and that still takes a measure of skill to do. It's not like high-level weapons and armor automatically make you good at the game.

There's still a lot of reliance on memorizing the patterns of the various bosses (especially the second boss, which will give you a tough time no matter how much you've upgraded your weapons).

Oginam isn't the only one who managed to complete the game in under an hour. IGN also notes that Irey_TV managed to beat the game even faster yet, managing to do so within 35 minutes.

Bloodborne is designed to mirror the gameplay difficulty and skill-requirements present in From Software's Dark Souls series. There's a fine balance between juggling the game's weapon-specific combos and the stamina meter, where every attack, roll, parry and dodge zaps a piece of your stamina. So you have to carefully weigh when to attack and how to attack without leaving yourself completely vulnerable.

Bloodborne is one of those games that's definitely niche but it's slowly managing to breakthrough into the mainstream. Maybe a few gamers who find themselves having trouble in the game can check out the item duplication glitch and then follow the steps in the videos above to get through the tough parts. If all else fails, at least you can see how pro gamers blast through Bloodborne in under an hour.

The game is available right now for the PS4. Critics and gamers alike seem to enjoy Bloodborne for what it's worth.
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