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Sony has confirmed the North American and European release dates for PS4 exclusive Bloodborne. The new action RPG, in development at Dark Souls studio From Software, will hit the West right after Japan.

Bloodborne will debut in North America and Europe on Friday, February 6th. That's a mere day after the previously announced Japanese launch date.

The North American release date announcement for Bloodborne also mentioned a Collector's Edition. The CE will include a book with concept art, the complete soundtrack, and a copy of the game packaged in a Steelbook collector's case. This limited-quantity bundle will cost $79.99.

Both the standard and Collector's Edition of Bloodborne are available for pre-order now. The PlayStation Store and select retailers will give an alternate Messenger skin to pre-order customers. Messengers are players' companions which come into play with some of the online features.

Bloodborne is one of several PS4 exclusives announced at E3 2014. It's a horror action game set in the ancient city of Yharnam. The player arrives in the city to find that it's been taken over by vicious monsters. They'll take the fight to these monstrosities using transformable weapons. The game features some limited co-op as well much like Dark Souls 2 and its predecessors.

You can check out some of these features in the new trailer released by Sony today:

Some gamers won't have to wait until February to try out Bloodborne. Sony has sent out alpha test invitations to some PSN users via email.

"Your skill and dedication have been recognised; you have been selected to join the exclusive Bloodborne Alpha Test!" said the email. "The small-scale test is being conducted in order to gather community feedback and data to improve Bloodborne’s online experience."

We have no idea when the Bloodborne alpha will start, though. It's also unclear whether North America or other territories outside Europe will get access to the test. Sony hasn't made any official announcement about the alpha yet.
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