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Bloodborne looks to offer quite a bit of customization when it comes to combat. Now you can check out some of the cool tools of the slaying trade in the recently released “Cut You Down” trailer, timed perfectly to get everyone pumped for the PlayStation 4 exclusive’s launch next Tuesday, March 24.

In the early goings, all we knew about Bloodborne’s combat was that you had a blunderbuss and a giant folding sword at your disposal. Coming from the team behind the Dark Souls series, though, we figured there would be more to the monster killing than originally met the eye.

Since the game’s official reveal during E3 2014, we’ve gained all sorts of knowledge about what to expect out of the upcoming action game, including a peek at the more fast-paced combat, cooperative dungeons and even some of the boss monsters. Now that From Software has released Bloodborne’s latest trailer, though, we can get a bit more insight as to what type of weapons we’ll be using to kill off all sorts of nightmare creatures.

In the Cut You Down trailer, we see our mysterious hero wielding all sorts of nasty implements of destruction, including various bladed weapons, a massive hammer and more. Over on the PlayStation Blog, SCE Japan Studio Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa is dishing out even more details about Bloodborne’s combat, including how players will utilize lanterns spread throughout the game world to access the “Hunter’s Dream,” which is basically a room where you can prepare for battle and fine-tune your various weapons.

According to Yamagiwa, players will be able to use Blood Echoes, collected from fallen enemies, to buy items and enhance their weapons. You’ll also find Blood Gems, which can be attached to weapons to increase their stats and add additional buffs.

“In the Hunter’s Dream, you can also interact with the Memory Altar in order to memorize special Caryll Runes to upgrade your character,” Yamagiwa explains. “Some runes may allow you to carry more items in your inventory, or boost the amount of Blood Echoes you receive from each beast you hunt down, allowing you to customize your hunter however you see fit.”

Much like everything else we’ve seen/heard about Bloodborne, this seems like a slight twist on systems we’re already familiar with from the Souls series. That’s a good thing, as those systems have proven very effective in letting players craft a character better suited to their play style, even utilizing the same base weapons.
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