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Bollywood has a history of mixing music and dance to create unique movie-going experiences that tell big stories while simultaneously making everyone in the theater want to stand up and dance. Now Chrysaor Studio has brought that same experience to the world of video games with Bollywood Wannabe a rhythm game for PC that comes packed with all of the Indian movie industry’s staples.

While U.S. gamers might not be overly familiar with the Bollywood scene (even though it’s now quite a bit larger than the American Hollywood that inspired it), rhythm games are certainly something we can get behind. Bollywood Wannabe mixes the timed-button presses we expect of the genre with a unique platforming aspect that sees the player dancing across 10 unique levels.

In the game, a new Bollywood film is being made with no-name actors, practically no budget and a script that’s been turned down by every studio that’s clapped peepers on it. The player takes control of Kumar and Kendra, the film’s young stars. If you can nail the movie’s dance scenes well enough, the new movie is sure to be a hit. Fail, and there’s a pretty good chance the audience will walk out before the second grand finale.

Bollywood Wannabe takes place across 10 scenes (levels) featuring music from industry vets like G-Deep, Bob Mann and Shivangi Bhayana. It’s available now for PC for $14.95. For more details, screenshots, a demo or to just buy the game, head on over to the Bollywood Wannabe official website.