Soon Gearbox Software will release the fifth player class for co-op shooter Borderlands 2. Today they showed off Gaige the Mechromancer with a single screenshot.

"Hey everybody! Gaige here. Mechromancer. I mance mechros. Here's a picture of Deathtrap and I looking like BA's," reads a newly launched Twitter account for the character. The picture shows the redheaded cyborg and her combat mech companion standing at the ready.

The combat mech, Deathtrap, is the Mechromancer's main class ability. Deathtrap will follow her into battle. Gaige is able to enhance this robot in different ways as well. For example, her Make It Sparkle ability will imbue Deathtrap with whatever elemental damage type she shoots him with.

Gearbox will release the Mechromancer as DLC on October 16th. It's free to all pre-order customers. Everyone else will have to cough up 800 MS Points, or $9.99.

This might not be the only playable character added to the game post-launch. Gearbox previously stated that they're brainstorming ideas for more characters.

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