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Gearbox Software has ambitious plans for Borderlands 2's post-launch downloadable content. They intend to release four sizable DLC packs for the game. Players will have the option to buy all of these add-ons at a reduced rate.

Each DLC pack is described as a "content campaign." Players can expect several hours of gameplay, new characters, and new locations in each. All four of the campaigns should be available to gamers by June 2013, roughly a period of nine months.

These add-ons will retail for $9.99 apiece on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. The Borderlands 2 Season Pass, which grants you access to all the DLC as they're released, will cost a mere $29.99. That's a nice discount provided that you were planning to get all of the game's DLC anyway.

If you're really intent on gobbling up all available content for the game, you should consider pre-ordering. Participating retailers will grant you Borderlands 2 Premiere Club membership, entitling you to the Gearbox Gun Pack, a Golden Key, the Vault Hunter’s Relic, and the Mechromancer class. GameStop will also throw in a Creature Slaughter Dome for its customers. Note that the Season Pass won't give you any of these items; you have to pre-order to get them.

Borderlands 2 will debut in North America on September 18th. The Season Pass will be on sale starting then as well.

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