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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will allow players to become the oddball robot Claptrap. A new walkthrough video from Gearbox Software and 2K Australia reveals that he's weirder than we imagine.

Claptrap's Action Skill is called vaulthunter.exe. It's an internal program that analyzes the battle and then chooses an ability most suited to the situation. Many of these abilities in these pool are inspired by other playable characters from Borderlands. For example, "Funzerker" allows Claptrap to wield two guns temporarily like Borderlands 2's Salvador.

The downside to vaulthunter.exe is that this software is still in beta. Players have to be worried about some unintended results when using it.

"It doesn't always pick the most obviously awesome one but they're all useful," said 2K Australia's Joel Eschler during the video.

Here are a few examples of random abilities Claptrap may use:
  • Torgue Fiesta - Causes Claptrap as well as teammates to toss grenades uncontrollably.
  • Funzerker - Claptrap wields two guns. You and your allies also gain increased fire rate and bullet regeneration.
  • Laser Inferno - Claptrap shoots lasers in all directions at nearby enemies.
  • Shhhhhhhhhhh...trap - Turns Claptrap invisible and deploys a hologram. He'll stay invisible even if he attacks. Unlike Zer0, you'll stay invisible during the whole skill even if you shoot or melee.About 20 seconds
  • One Shot Wonder - One shot empties all bullets from Claptrap's clip.
  • Rubber Ducky - Claptrap and his teammates are covered in rubber duckies. They'll bounce around the map, slamming into any enemies in their path. Players will also reflect bullets while this ability is in effect.
  • Meat Unicycle - Claptrap acquires a meat unicycle, similar to Krieg's weapon. He has increased melee damage with this weapon but can't use guns until its duration has expired.
  • Pirate Ship - Claptrap turns into a pirate ship with cannons.
In other words, Claptrap's really the wild card of the group. He could be really useful if he's lucky. In other situations, he's a distraction or a liability. He could be a fun character to play for someone who's willing to laugh off bad luck and mistakes. If you're a Type-A, goal-oriented gamer who wants to simply get through the Pre-Sequel as efficiently as possible, though, you might want to choose one of the other three characters.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will launch on PC, Mac, Linux, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 14th in North America and on October 17th in Europe.

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