There are a variety of gameplay options present in Brink that allows players to adopt a specific kind of play style to the various modes, missions and multiplayer scenarios in the game. A new trailer was released to showcase the different kinds of classes being put to use within the game, ranging from medics to engineers to spies.

Much like Team Fortress 2 or the Battlefield series, each character class demonstrates an ample ability to vastly alter the landscape of the playfield. The trailer does a nice job of showing off how each class can come into play for useful situations, including using an engineer to setup a turret defense to suppress opposing forces and then having the opposition to send over a spy to subdue the engineer. A lot of Chess-esque tactics can be employed throughout the fight, which will make for some interesting encounters once May 17th rolls around.

You can check out the new classes trailer below or find out more about the game by heading to the Official Website.

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