Splash Damage, the developer behind the multiplayer shooter Brink, will reveal their next project soon. A new teaser image on their site says that an announcement is coming next week.

If there's any constant in Splash Damage's development history, it's multiplayer. The studio was responsible for the online components of Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Game of the Year Edition and Doom 3. They also developed Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, class-based multiplayer shooters with vehicles.

Splash Damage's last major release was Brink, a first-person shooter with parkour elements that launched in 2011. The futuristic setting, free-running and deep customization system made it a very highly-anticipated game. However, the finished product was unpolished and ended up being the worst-reviewed game that the studio ever released. As a result, I'd be very surprised if they made a sequel.

Splash is currently developing a turn-based strategy game called Rad Soldiers for the iOS. At the time they announced it, they said that they hadn't abandoned the PC and console market. This new game they're announcing might mark their return to those platforms, then.

The teaser image, which features a blood-caked radiation symbol, says that the announcement will occur at 11:29 am on November 29th.

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