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Another Tuesday is upon us, meaning it is once again time to reap the benefits of PlayStation Plus. Along with a bunch of discounts on musical games across the PS3 and Vita, this week’s Plus update includes two new games for the Instant Game Collection including Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons -- one of the most talked about and beloved games from 2013 -- for the PS3 and Worms: Battle Islands for the PSP and Vita. At least Sony is still offering great content for the PSP.

When we announced earlier this month that Brothers would be arriving as part of the IGC, I remembered that I already had the game downloaded and thus moved it to the top of my backlog. Thanks to my amazing sense of timing, I just started playing the game last night, so it’s oddly appropriate that it’s actually releasing today.

I’m only about an hour and a half in (a third of the way through, according to many reports) and already the game has charmed me into submission. Don’t worry, I won’t be doling out spoilers here, just letting you know what you’re getting into later today if you decide to grab Brothers free of charge through Plus.

Brother’s is a unique game about a pair of siblings who must go on a journey through a magical land in order to find a cure for their sick father. Players control the older brother with the left stick and the younger brother with the right stick. You use the corresponding triggers to have the brothers interact with the world, completing tasks ranging from climbing vines and turning levers to carrying items and swinging on ropes.

It’s a brilliant bit of gameplay and, honestly, I’m baffled that it’s taken this long for someone to put it into a game. That’s about all I want to say about brothers other than the fact that, from the opening moments, you can’t help but feel drawn into its intriguing premise and fairytale world. I’m hoping to finish it up tonight, but now everyone with Plus can dive in alongside me and experience it for themselves.

Also making its way to the Instant Game Collection this week is Worms: Battle Islands. One of the latest in the long-running Worms series, players will customize their army of squiggly combatants before dropping them into randomly generated levels and going to war. Your goal is simple: Outlive the competition while punishing your opponents with everything from flamethrowers and air strikes to holy hand grenades and flying sheep of death. It’s a wonderful bit of madness and now PSP and Vita Plusers can grab it at no additional charge.

This week’s Vita 14 in ’14 title, OlliOlli, also gets discounted for Plus down to $10.39, and let’s not forget about that sale on musical games such as Rock Band Blitz, Kickbeat, Everyday Shooter and Sound Shapes. The full list of discounted games and their prices can be found here.
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