A blast from the not-too-distant past has finally made its way to the PlayStation Vita as Burn the Rope heats things up on Sony’s handheld device. After becoming all the rage on mobile devices, now gamers on the go can experience RingZero Game Studio’s addictive hit on the Vita’s massive screen with motion and touch controls that take advantage of the front and back screens.

Burn the Rope is one of those rare games that says everything it needs to right there in the title. The object of the game is to, well, burn the rope in a manner that will clear the screen and move you on to the next level. To set the rope ablaze, all you have to do is touch where you want it to ignite on the Vita’s front screen.

Of course, the game wouldn’t be all that much fun if that was really all there was to it. In order to direct the flame, you’ll actually need to rotate the Vita itself, as flames will always burn in an upwards direction. You can also use the Vita’s back touchscreen to direct the flames in case you don’t like the idea of spinning your expensive handheld in circles.

For those who want to get extra precise with their pyromania, you can also pinch the rear touchscreen in order to zoom in or out on the action, making it easier to control exactly what’s happening.

Changing things up will be different colors of ropes and a variety of bugs that change the flame’s behavior, the rope’s behavior, or even creates new paths. There are seven worlds with 16 levels apiece and, if you do well enough, a final eighth word containing an additional 60 levels or rope burning goodness will be unlocked.

You can download Burn the Rope now on the PlayStation Network for $3.99.

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