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Call Of Duty 4 Veteran Walkthrough - Mile High Club

I currently sit at 960 with my Gamerscore on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. If you know me then you probably guessed that the 20-point achievement for finding all 30 intel computers is one that I’m missing. As much as I enjoy games, I can’t bring myself to look for trinkets. But the one thing that has been kicking my ass is that damn “Mile High Club” achievement for beating the Epilogue on Veteran. It is perhaps the most ball busting achievement ever made simply for its difficulty and ability to get me to go for it time and time again.

Frustration got the better of me and I sought help. I went searching for someone to tell me how to get through. I’d even been able to get to the end a few times only to watch my last second tick down before getting to the hostage. It was enough to get me to forswear any more attempts. But I didn’t heed my own advice, and continued to “sprint slash” the guy in the bathroom as I futilely went on to get my ass handed to me.

But I’ve found salvation, and I’m here to share it with my fellow players. Those of you out there who may be Achievement Junkies and just want to round out COD4, but just can’t get past this difficult task, the video walkthrough below has helped me to finally get to the end. I have mastered this level. And I uh…don’t have the achievement.

Why? Because I went through the entire level only to shoot the damn hostage in the head. That’s a headshot that doesn’t count in my favor. Hopefully you’ll have better luck after watching this video from

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