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Nuketown, one of the most popular multiplayer maps from Call of Duty: Black Ops, will be updated for Black Ops 2. Nuketown 2025 will be included for free with pre-orders of the military shooter.

The original Nuketown was set in a seemingly normal American suburb. However, it's actually a test site for nuclear weapons. The map is populated with mannequins and at the end of a match, a nuke detonates. The only thing missing is Indiana Jones in a refrigerator.

It's not clear how Nuketown 2025 is different from the original. Maybe the buildings are futuristic? I suspect it still gets nuked at the end. Gotta uphold the sacred traditions.

A sign at Irish retailer Xtravision (via IGN) states that this is the "biggest incentive in Call of Duty history." The sign adds that this bonus is "driving pre-orders...and day 1."

Black Ops 2 will arrive on November 13th worldwide on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. It'll be available on the Wii U as well assuming the console launches by then. It's not clear if this pre-order incentive is only available on certain platforms.

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