Treyarch has sent out another video previewing "Tranzit," a zombie co-op map including with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The short video reveals that the map will actually let players craft items.

The video begins with the player searching through an abandoned diner for supplies. They find a chair and bring it to a workbench. Our hero then turns it into a shield that she uses to bludgeon zombies.

In "Tranzit," a group of survivors are heading across the countryside in a bus. They'll have to fend off zombies on the road or during their various pitstops for supplies. It's almost like a campaign mode with zombies.

The player character seems to be an overly excited teenage girl. Looks like this game's zombie mode will have a colorful cast of characters, much like the Black Ops 1 zombie experiences. The first Black Ops let players become Danny Trejo, Fidel Castro and JFK, among other people. The premise - a group of survivors trying to escape the zombie apocalypse - gives Treyarch a lot of freedom when designing characters so I'm interested to see what the other survivors are like.

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