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Not content with Call of Duty: Black Ops's absurd sales to date, Treyarch has decided to promote the game further by releasing a demo. The single-player sampler is now available through Xbox Live and PSN.

The demo features the "WMD" mission from the single-player campaign. You start the mission in the cockpit of an SR-71 spy plane. Using the aircraft's advanced sensors, you direct a squad of commandos past enemy patrols to their objective. After that, you take direct control of one of the commandos and assault a Soviet base.

In my review of Black Ops from last fall, I singled out this mission as being an interesting twist on the shooter formula. They could've done more with the spy plane segment but at least they tried, right?

The real highlight of any COD game - and particularly Black Ops - is the multiplayer so it's a shame that the demo doesn't showcase that. Black Ops has a Combat Training mode that lets you play multiplayer against bots. A demo with one Combat Training map might've been more persuasive. Activision is doing fine without my business advice, though.