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The Hardened and Prestige editions of Call of Duty: Black Ops come with four extra co-op maps. What sort of co-op are they talking about, though?

Best Buy Canada (via Eurogamer) answered the question on everyone's mind. In their listing of the Hardened Edition, they stated these maps were "Four Zombie Maps Pack made famous from CoD: World at War." The listing has since been changed so any reference to zombies is now gone. It looks like Best Buy had revealed the information before Activision wanted them to.

In World at War's zombie mode, 1-4 players worked together to fight off waves of bloodthirsty Nazi zombies. Black Ops is being made by the same developer (Treyarch) so the mode's return makes sense. It was one of the highlights of WaW in our humble opinion. Given the Cold War setting of Black Ops, though, Nazi zombies won't do. Perhaps we'll get undead Viet Cong this time around?

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