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Today Treyarch confirmed what you probably already knew: Call of Duty: World at War's zombie co-op mode will be returning in COD: Black Ops.

In World at War's zombie mode, four players work together to fight off progressively stronger waves of zombies. They earn cash by killing zombies and can use it to buy new weapons. It's not clear how Black Ops's zombie mode will be different; the press release only notes that it's still four players.

When Activision first announced the the Prestige and Hardened Editions of the game, they stated they would come with four updated co-op maps from World at War. These are presumably the four zombie maps released for WaW.

Black Ops will also feature a Combat Training co-op mode. Six players work together against the A.I. that are presumably not undead. This essentially replaces campaign co-op, which won't be returning.

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