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Call of Duty: Ghosts' second DLC pack Devastation will launch in less than a month on Xbox One and Xbox 360. The DLC pack includes a Mayan temple, a giant sea monster and the return of a fan-favorite map.

The DLC campaign for Extinction mode will be continued with Episode 2: Mayday. The Quick Reaction Force Team must investigate a Chinese research vessel in a search for Captain Archer and Doctor Cross. During this new episode, they'll battle a new alien called the Seeder along with a 100-foot aquatic boss known as the Kraken. The squad wield new Venom-X weapons that can be modified in several ways. The four-episode campaign will be continued in later DLC packs.

Four maps for normal multiplayer are also included with Devastation. "Collision" is a small map set on a container ship beneath a New York bridge. "Unearthed", based on "Dome" from Modern Warfare 3, takes place in an archeological dig site for alien relics. Players will travel to a Mayan temple and an excavation platform in "Ruins" and "Behemoth," respectively.

Each map has a unique Field Order that players can complete to turn the tide of the battle. Players can cause a volcano to erupt in "Ruins" that showers the map with molten debris. "Behemoth" lets players control a helicopter with a powerful rail gun.

Like the Onslaught Pack, Devastation adds a new hybrid weapon to player's arsenal. The Ripper can switch between submachine gun and assault rifle modes on the fly. The gun will be unlocked right away once you download the Onslaught Pack.

Ghosts' four map packs can be purchased individually for $14.99, or all at once for $49.99 with the Season Pass. Season Pass owners will get access to the Ripper starting today.

The first trailer for Devastation is below along with screenshots of the new maps. Look for the DLC pack to hit Xbox One and Xbox 360 on April 3rd. The PS4, PS3 and PC should receive the content in a month or so.

If you don't even own Ghosts in the first place, you can play the multiplayer for free this weekend on Xbox One and Xbox 360. The multiplayer demo, featuring three maps from competitive multiplayer as well as one Extinction map, will run from March 7th through March 10th.

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