When Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare debuted its new trailer, players’ responses weren’t as gleeful as Activision had hoped. At the reveal of a space setting, fans went into a tizzy with complaints about the new information. And as quickly as it had debuted, the new Call Of Duty trailer became the second most disliked video on YouTube, right under Justin Bieber. But, with that in mind, here’s everything we know so far about the new Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

What Have We Seen From Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare?
The trailer is probably the most interesting part of this guide, because, well, it’s the trailer that has taken the number two spot as one of the most hated trailers on YouTube. How can you not want to watch it? You will see the number of likes and dislikes in the lower right corner of the video and right now as I am staring at it, it reads 382,318 likes and 2,378,304 dislikes. Why do so many people dislike the trailer? Many of the comments underneath the trailer indicate that by sending Call Of Duty into space, it has become something else other than a Call Of Duty game and competes with other space shooter games like Titanfall. Only many commenters said they don't think this will be as good as Titanfall. Others made the comment that people didn’t seem to enjoy the space bit in Call Of Duty: Ghosts, so why do it again? Perhaps they thought they were delivering something fresh to Call Of Duty fans, but I have seen firsthand in beloved series' (like Silent Hill), if you change the game drastically and make it something else, dedicated fans will be furious with you and you’ll never hear the end of it. The Silent Hill: Downpour developer actually had to shut down because of the lack of success.

What Is The Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Release Date?
Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be releasing this fall on November 4 onto the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Its biggest competitor, Battlefield 1, will be releasing a week or so earlier on October 21, so things could go either way for Call Of Duty. Battlefield 1 could totally overshadow the Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare release (which I personally think won’t happen) or Call Of Duty will come just in time for when people start veering away from Battlefield 1 and looking for something new. I feel like Call Of Duty games have always released in the fall. The fall is a huge time for video games to release because of the impending holiday season and everyone looking for the biggest games to get their loved ones. As of right now, I do think Battlefield 1 is going to do much better than the new Call Of Duty. Not only was the trailer for Battlefield 1 better than the Call Of Duty trailer, with a overwhelmingly positive response, but I feel like Battlefield has always been a tad more progressive than Call Of Duty. And I think it's working for them this time.

What Is The Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Story?
The single-player campaign will follow Captain Nick Reyes, a renowned pilot for one of the few warships remaining, The Retribution. Captain Reyes will lead forces to ambush the enemy and help save what remains of Earth. What’s different about Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s approach to story is in this game, players will get the chance to play a leader. In the past, players have taken on characters who were “just one of the guys” and didn’t have any role in making decisions or leading coalitions. Everyone already knows Infinite Warfare is going to change up a few things in the Call Of Duty franchise, but maybe this change will open up opportunities for decision-based gameplay. That’s just speculating, but it would really add to the story. While players will be taking control of a warship pilot, there are no details yet as to how that kind of gameplay experience will unfold.

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