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Wondering why there was a long line of people camped outside your local GameStop last night? Well, it just so happens that today is the worldwide launch of the highly anticipated shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The game's launch is expected to be the biggest this year. One analyst thinks the game will earn over $1 billion over the next six weeks. Hoping to cash in on this demand, retailers held thousands of midnight launches across the world.

MW3's single-player is a direct continuation of Modern Warfare 2's storyline. Russia has invaded the United States and the war soon spreads to Europe. Players will take on the role of military personnel across the world trying to restore order.

The multiplayer once again has both cooperative and competitive modes. The co-op - or Special Ops - features features an all-new mode called Survival in which players must fight off waves of advancing enemies. The competitive multiplayer features several new modes of its own as well as new pointstreak and "Strike Package" features that change the way you play. New weapons, equipment and perks are also included.

Launching alongside MW3 is Call of Duty Elite, a social gaming network created by Beachhead Studio. It serves as a way for players to stay in touch, compete with each other, and also learn how to improve their MW3 performance. The basic Elite service is free but an optional subscription will get you monthly Modern Warfare 3 DLC for 9 months, daily competitions for virtual and real-world prizes, exclusive clan leveling and competitions, and access to Call of Duty Elite TV, among other things. Annual membership costs $49.99.