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Capcom has yet to formally announce a sequel to medieval fantasy RPG Dragon's Dogma. However, Dogma creator Hideaki Itsuno said in a new interview that he already has a lot of ideas for the next game.

Itsuno told Famitsu (via OPM UK) that a lot of the material dreamed up for Dogma didn't make it into the final game. He estimates that about 60-70% of his ideas were actually used. Likewise, the game world was roughly two-thirds as large as intended. Everything that ended up on the cutting room floor - the parts that didn't suck, anyway - could presumably be repurposed for a sequel.

One idea that didn't make it into the first game was a "quest creation mode." He didn't elaborate on what that is. The name alone suggests that players would be able to create their own adventures, and perhaps share them with friends. Depending on how robust this toolset is, it could give players hours of additional entertainment beyond the campaign.

It's possible that the translation is slightly off and "quest creation mode" is a dynamic quest system. Fellow open-world game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim did something similar, offering players randomly-generated quests at every turn. This feature is less exciting than the prospect of players creating their own quests but nonetheless, it would expand the potential gameplay length of Dogma 2 quite a bit.

Dogma arrived worldwide at the end of May. Capcom won't be releasing a sequel anytime soon. Still, it's never too early to start building wish lists.

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