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Castle of Illusion is gearing up for release on current generation consoles and PC this year. Celebrating the design and HD remake of this classic Sega Genesis title, the developers released a new behind-the-scenes video to talk about and show off some of the new ways the game has been improved while also maintaining a strong sense of nostalgia about its design.

When doing a remake of a game one of the biggest challenges is finding that core balance of what made the original so great and being able to incorporate that into the new-gen version without stripping away many of the core elements that gamers loved from the original.

In the case of Castle of Illusion, this was one of those rare games where the fun was in the challenge and the appeal was in the sleek and colorful design with bright animations and a fundamental design that seemed like it came right out of a Disney movie. Thankfully, the developers recognize that aesthetic is just as important as the actual gameplay – so you won't see any of the typical browns and grays that have been flooding the market for most recent titles.

In fact, based on the footage above, it looks like the team managed to keep the design philosophy pretty close to the original game, complete with the bouncy animations of Mickey and an element of intrigue, danger, and jovial cartoon characters to flesh out the world that Mickey inhabits.

I think one of the more surprising elements of the remake is that the music has managed to stay very much the same as the original game. Fans of the Sega title from back in the early 90s will easily recognize many of the tunes that played throughout the levels of Castle of Illusion and it's awesome that they've paid that kind of detail to the recreation of the title.

For some games there are HD remakes where hardly anything stays the same as the original, or there are massive overhauls to the way the game plays, looks and sounds, so much so it that becomes a bit jarring. With Castle of Illusion it looks like the typical HD remake missteps are being avoided.

As for the actual gameplay... it appears as if most of the same mechanics are being transferred over from the old game to the new remake. As the developers mentioned, they're trying to bring all of the fun, the gameplay and the immersion from the original title into the newer-generation of gaming while retaining all of the core elements that made it popular and lovable in the first place.

You can look to grab a digital copy of Castle of Illusion for the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC later this year. For more info feel free to visit the official Sega website.

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