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Psyonix recently announced that they have some sick loot inbound for Rocket League for the end of the first season of competitive play. They also have plans to change up the loot tiers, but it's all for the betterment of the game since they're adding a brand new loot tier to the mix to reward gamers with exciting items while they play.

The news was posted over on the Steam update page for Rocket League, where the developers revealed that there will be all new “uncommon” item drops added to the game, joining the “common”, “premium” and “limited” item tiers already available in the game. The common items are ones that most people pick up during an average bout. The premium items are items that are purchased as DLC, and the limited items are those that only have a short run during various seasonal events.

The new uncommon items will be made available in the February patch and can only be obtained when participating in the online multiplayer modes. Some of the items will include toppers and antennas, as noted by PC Gamer. The developers have plans on further offering details on the season wrap-up and the start of season 2 on January 22.

As for the seasonal events... the end of the first season will see players ranked in various divisions rewarded for their efforts and play-skill in Rocket League. There will be bronze, silver and gold crowns issued as accessories that can be equipped on the cars. These rewards will be handed out in February as the first season concludes and the participants are ranked according to their performance.

The post also notes that the drop-rate for these uncommon items won't be fixed, but will be determined based on the frequency of playing online. So someone who plays Rocket League online against or with friends regularly will be able to get their hands on some uncommon items a lot more frequently than someone who mostly plays offline or local games. I guess that's one way of offering incentives for people to subscribe to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold.

Psyonix, nevertheless, have had a rocking year for Rocket League. The game has sold several million copies over its short time of being on the market and has managed to gain a sizable and strong community based around its eSports-style gameplay.

Based on the game's continued momentum, it looks like it may be one of those titles that maintains a strong community for some time to come. It's not easy for brand new games to establish a steady playerbase without building off some other established brand or trope, but Psyonix managed to do so right out of the gate with Rocket League. A lot of it was due to a couple of factors: first up, the game was free as part of the PlayStation Plus package, squarely allowing millions of PS4 owners to play the game without having to pay a dime for it. Second, the game was designed around being easy to pick up and play, but hard to master, so a lot of players went in not expecting much but quickly became addicted due to the steep curve for mastering the game. And third, the game's competitive multiplayer was one of the strong points in keeping people coming back for more and getting their friends to play.

Rocket League's season 1 wrap-up will go live in February, but Psyonix will talk more about season 2 and some of the upcoming features on January 22.