Take-Two will release a demo for Civilization Revolution on June 5th on PSN and Xbox Live. The console-optimized installment of Sid Meier's empire-building series is due in stores in North America on July 8th and uh, Friday in Australia and Europe.

The demo's a little over 1GB and allows you to try out the Roman and Ancient Egyptian civilizations (helmed by Caesar and Cleopatra, respectively). You'll be able to play in both single player and multiplayer modes, up until the year 1250. 1250? Hey, wasn't that the year King Louis IX of France was released by his Egyptian captors after paying a ransom of one million dinars and turning over the city of Damietta? (Bless you, Wikipedia.)

As we've reported in the past, Revolution is a streamlined iteration of the popular Civilization games for PC with HDR graphics, less micromanagement, and online play for up to 4 players. In addition to PS3 and Xbox 360, it's also being released for Nintendo DS.

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