One of the biggest events in comic book history, Marvel’s Civil War, is finally being given the pinball treatment as the latest addition to the Zen pinball library, heading to PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita as part of Zen Pinball 2 on Nov. 20 and Pinball FX2 on Xbox Live Nov. 21.

Going for $2.99 on PlayStation products and 240 MSP on the Xbox, the Civil War table will pit hero against hero as Iron Man and Captain America build their armies and duke it out over the controversial “Superhuman Registration Act,” which basically states that all mutants must have their identities and powers on record. As a reminder, buying the table for either the PS3 or Vita will make it available on both versions of the game at no additional charge.

The Civil War event rocked the Marvel universe a few years back with former friends turning to enemies and former enemies uniting with their oldest rivals. Many heroes and villains died, the most noteworthy being Roy Rogers himself, Captain America. Being a comic book, however, the dude returned after just a few months of being MIA.

For those who want to relive all of that crazy action in pinball form, you don’t have much longer to wait as Civil War heads to Zen’s gaming hubs starting next week.

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