A lot of people just wanted to play SimCity. They wanted to pay their $60 and have fun, that was it. Instead, a lot of people got burned because of the game's anti-consumer always-on DRM restrictions, forcing people to have to log-in and authenticate on EA's servers, which turned into a massive fallout. During this time one studio decided to capitalize by announcing their game Civitas.

The name comes from the Latin “Citizens” and is all about terraforming, zoning and building the city of your dreams (or nightmares, depending on which side of the bed you sleep on and whether you live in one of those miserable cities in America like Detroit or Cleveland or Los Angeles).

Unfortunately, the Kickstarter doesn't have a video but it'll be arriving soon. The team has instead used the comment section and the evolving updates to further flesh out their vision for the game as they make decisions on the art-style and presentation, while also explaining how the game will be played and what they plan to deliver.

Head honcho Brandon Smith has noted that they didn't actually start the Kickstarter as a sort of rebound relationship for shunned and burned SimCity fans, but they started the concept and design phase around the time when Maxis and EA had started promoting the always-on aspect of SimCity last year.

With a $200,000 goal and $77,000 already accrued, I have no doubts that Civitas will meet its goal. My only concern is that gamers might be a little too eager to dump money into the new hotness before they actually know anything about it.

You can read up more about Civitas or keep an eye on the project by visiting the Official Kickstarter Page.

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