Subscribe To Club Nintendo Rewards For April Include Super Mario World, Art Academy Updates
The time has come for yet another monthly refresh on the Club Nintendo Rewards, bringing four new games to the rotating lineup of games available for Coin exchange, including a fresh pair of Wii U Virtual Console games and another couple of downloadable 3DS games for players to enjoy.

In case you haven’t noticed, every piece of Nintendo hardware and software you purchase comes with an insert inviting you to register your game with Club Nintendo. Doing so earns you “Coins” for your purchase, which you’re able to keep track of at the Nintendo Rewards website. You also get Coins for purchasing digital goods, as well as completing surveys telling Nintendo why you bought the game and, after you’ve played it, what you thought of the title.

Once you’ve saved up enough Coins, you can then trade them in for virtual and physical goods, including pencil holders, postcards, T-shirts and even more games. As for the games, the roster switches up on a monthly basis, offering up two new 3DS and Wii/Wii U games for participants to download in exchange for their Coins. This month’s new additions have officially gone live, including Trajectile and Art Academy: First Semester for the 3DS, Super Mario World for the Wii U and Mario Golf (The N64 version) for the Wii and Wii U.

For the umpteenth month in a row, I can’t help but feel like the 3DS is getting the short end of the stick on these deals, making me wonder if perhaps the more enticing offers on the Wii U are being passed out in hopes of encouraging more gamers to hurry up and adopt the console. Either way, let’s take a look at this month’s games.

I’m pretty sure that Super Mario World for the SNES doesn’t really need an introduction at this point, as it’s one of the most beloved platformers of all time but, in case you need a refresher, then you can take a look at the video above. The same goes for Mario Golf, which basically blends an arcade golf game with the characters and locations of the Mario universe. See below, in case you’re curious what it looks like in action. Mario World can be yours for 200 Coins while Mario Golf will set you back 250.

On the 3DS, your options are a simple brick-busting game in Trajectile and a pretty nifty and creative educational title in Art Academy. Both are going for 200 Coins.

Get ‘em while they’re hot, as this group of Club Nintendo Rewards games will rotate out on May 11.

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