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FromSoftware is wasting little time starting in on their follow-up to Dark Souls III and, according to recent rumors, their next game might actually be heading to Sony’s new headset, the PlayStation VR.

Leave it to the crafty reddit sleuths to dig this one up. The team at FromSoftware recently posted a highlight reel celebrating the studio’s past, present and future. The video harkens back to the team’s early days working on series like King’s Field and Armored Core, which then led to their extremely popular Souls run. What started as Demon’s Souls evolved into the Dark Souls trilogy. Also, last year, there was the very Souls-y, and fan-freaking-tastic, gothic action game, Bloodborne.

The montage video gives a glimpse of all of that, followed by a single image that promises to somehow be related to From’s “Next Title.” Unfortunately, that single image and, we’re going to go out on a limb here and guess it’s a working title, are just about all the info there is to be gleaned in reference to their next game.

However, reddit user 113mac113 points out that, along with the listed platforms of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, there’s also a logo for PlayStation VR. So whatever they’re working on, it looks like FromSoftware wants players to be able to experience it from within the game’s world, too.

Just in case that “2017” on the slide gets you excited, we’re not convinced this means whatever FromSoftware is working on is actually coming out next year. That dash after the number makes us believe that they are focusing on getting Dark Souls III content out the door this year and, staring in 2017, they’ve got their eyes set on whatever comes next.

Sadly, as much fun as it might be to play a Dark Souls game from the first-person perspective, the studio has announced that Dark Souls III is, in fact, the end of the line for the series. That’s probably for the best since that formula of gameplay, (including Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne), is five titles deep at this point. We’ve never said no to more Souls but, at the same time, we also like the idea of the series ending before it gets played out. It’s probably also a huge relief for the team to know they finally get to focus on something completely new with this next game.

Based solely on the idea of playing from the first-person perspective, my early bet is going toward a new Armored Core game. Then again, there’s always the possibility they’re going to surprise us with something completely unexpected.