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Like a Bond film, James Bond 007: Blood Stone jumps right into the action. Bond (voiced by Daniel Craig) parachutes on the deck of a yacht and drop-kicks a guard as he lands. The yacht belongs to an arms dealer named Greco, who is planning to attack the world leaders at the G20 conference. M (voiced by Judi Dench) sends in Bond to snuff out this terrorist threat.

Bond sneaks onboard the yacht and the gameplay begins. It's a bit like Splinter Cell: Conviction in that you can run in guns blazing or sneak around and take out enemies with your silenced pistol or melee takedowns. These takedowns earn you charges of your Focus Aim ability. Each charge of Focus Aim allows you to kill an enemy with a slow-motion, automatic headshot. You can use up to three Focus Aim charges at a time, which makes clearing a room quite easy. The difference between Focus Aim and the instant kills in Conviction is that here you don't mark targets; the game automatically picks them for you.

Stealthy or not, Bond gets the attention of the rest of the guards on the ship. Greco flees on a speedboat and an attack helicopter is sent in to take out Bond. After evading the chopper's fire and fighting his way through a couple more enemies (via ranged and hand-to-hand combat), Bond hops on a boat of his own and gives chase.

The speedboat sequence (and subsequent car chase) are both more like races than rail shooting segments. While Bond does shoot at Greco's henchmen, the player doesn't do that manually. Instead, it's done automatically in the style of a Focus Aim as soon as Bond gets close enough. The test in these parts of the game, then, is to avoid obstacles in the environment and maintain speed so you can get within killing distance of these enemies. You'll have to restart from a checkpoint if Greco gets too far ahead of you.

Once the chase is finally over ("Oh, Pete, you dreamy protector of spoilers"), we see another cutscene and finally the stylized credit sequence. During the sequence, we hear the original song composed by Joss Stone for the game. She'll also be playing the Bond girl but didn't appear in the demo.

Bizarre Creations' game isn't based on a previous Bond film but it's clear they're trying to deliver an experience akin to that. It's not just a matter of voice acting; they seem to have created gameplay that's diverse enough to accurately depict the many talents of Bond.

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