In an effort to get more people to pick up a PlayStation Vita with all of that leftover holiday cash, Sony has recently kicked off a new promotion that utilizes one of the most powerful marketing tools of all: Peer pressure. Convincing a friend to buy a Vita can net you some digital currency for Sony games and products, and one lucky winner will even net themselves $10,000 in Sony Rewards points.

The process is a pretty simple one. All you have to do is register to take part in the program, convince someone to buy a PlayStation Vita, then collect your rewards. For every person you convince, you'll net yourself a $20 PSN card (good for digital games, movies and music), as well as 1,000 Sony Rewards points, which can be traded in for items like physical games, accessories, limited edition PS branded swag, etc. Those 1,000 points are equal to $10 in normal human money.

Whenever someone you referred registers their Vita properly, they also receive a $20 PSN card to help get their new gaming library started. You can collect prizes for up to 10 individuals, meaning you can earn yourself $200 in PSN cards and $100 to spend in Sony Rewards points.

You don't have to stop at 10 people, though. According to the promotion page, “convince the most people to buy a PS Vita system and you could win 1 million Sony Rewards points, a $10,000 value.” I'd be interested to hear how many people the top freelance salesman manages to hook into a Vita purchase.

All of the official rules and details can be found at the above linked site. For starters, you have to be 18 years of age or older and live in the United States. Also, the promotion ends on Feb. 28, so you might want to act fast. Otherwise, it's a pretty straightforward process.

Some may see this as a sign of desperation on Sony's part to boost sales of their struggling handheld, and I wouldn't blame them for thinking that way. Still, I have to wonder what's still preventing the publisher from giving the console that first, much-needed price drop. I'm pretty sure you'd move a heck of a lot more consoles by making the thing a bit more affordable than by asking people to harass their friends about picking one up.

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