Story trailers help tell a story about a game; they help explain to gamers what's going on and why. For the most part, a story trailer has to sum up who is the good guy and who is the bad guy and why players will need to do what they need to do.

For this category, this was a really, really hard decision. There were so many great story trailers released throughout the year, in fact there were better story trailers than there were launch trailers. Nevertheless, the top honors for the coolest story trailer of 2011 goes to KillZone 3.

The reasoning behind this trailer taking the top spot over competitors such as inFamous 2, Thor and Crysis 2 is that it really summed up a good reason for why players would want to get back into the fight and finish the war. It was tough determining if KillZone 3 or Fight Night Champion had the better story trailer, but I think there's a bit more clarity in the KillZone trailer, which gives gamers a clear-cut idea of what to expect from the game and what it is they need to get done.

Malcolm McDowell and Ray Winstone lend their voices to the game's scheming lead bad guys and their veteran acting abilities really do shine through with the characters, which helps propel this trailer to the top spot as the coolest story trailer of the year. The non-stop action and intense war-torn scenarios also help a ton, too. Check it out below.

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