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Vita gamers looking to get into the Halloween spirit should probably mark their calendars for Tuesday the 13th. According to XSEED Games and Marvelous, that's the day Corpse Party: Blood Drive will be unleashed upon the masses.

Horror fans here in the States have really embraced this Japanese series about a bunch of kids who get trapped in a haunted school and, depending on how the story unfolds, die in horrible, horrible ways. The first Corpse Party was a top-down exploration and puzzle game with graphics that looked like it would have been right at home on the Super Nintendo.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows offered stories about other kids who had been trapped in the school, as well as some alternate reality versions of stories from the first game. This time around, though, most of the game was played from the first-person perspective, as players were tasked with exploring the school and solving puzzles in a set-up more akin to an adventure game.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive is the third and final chapter in the portable horror series, and it marks a couple of firsts for the games here in the States. It's the first time the adventure will be pulled into the third dimension, as well as the first time a physical version of the game will be made available locally.

While anyone will be able to download Blood Drive from the PlayStation Network on Oct. 13 for $39.99, folks who want to enjoy the physical “Everafter Edition” for $49.99 will also receive a two-disc soundtrack for the series, as well as a “Dying Art” grimoire boasting 100 pages of series artwork, in case you were still sleeping soundly at night. XSEED has been stepping up their physical goodies game this past year, offering similar perks for people who bought physical versions of games like Onechanbara, Lord of Magna and Senran Kagura. For U.S. fans of these games that are so seldom seen here in the U.S., those extra touches are a huge plus.

In Blood Drive, players will be able to explore the Heavenly Host Elementary School they've come to know and love, only greatly expanded and recreated into 3D environments. Twitch skills will be a factor this time, as you'll occasionally have to outrun killer spirits on your quest to find an exit.

The full game will include 11 story chapters for players to cringe through, as well as eight “Extra Chapters” that fill in some additional backstory for extra characters and events.

Unless you're talking about a handful of creepy indies, there aren't a lot of horror games on the market these days, save last year's The Evil Within and the more recent Until Dawn. If you're looking for a distinctly Japanese spin on your Halloween gaming this year, look for Corpse Party 3: Blood Drive to hit the Vita on Oct. 13.

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